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Laminate Flooring by Armstrong

From a name that’s synonymous with enduring, economical, elegant flooring come two new contenders to the synthetic flooring market. Introducing Armstrong’s latest exciting laminate flooring collections, Audacity and Architectural Remnants – two more beautiful ways you can stay eternally stylish while resting in the sweet assurance that your floor can truly handle it all. Armstrong offers up gorgeous and practical flooring solutions for everyday life. The lovely, yet low-maintenance floors can readily tackle it all: from heavy foot traffic to frequent spills to family gatherings. With Armstrong laminates, it’s easy to enjoy all the styles you love, without having to sacrifice your vision due to a busy (or messy!) life.  In fact, Armstrong laminate flooring is made to last for a lifetime.

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Armstrong laminate flooring


Fearless, fabulous, and 100% water resistant: these are just a few words to describe Audacity by Armstrong. The ultimate laminate flooring experience, Audacity offers up hardwood textures and visuals that are authentic and convincing thanks to an Embossed-In-Register surface. While it looks and feels exactly like luxurious hardwood, unlike actual hardwood this flooring will stand up to spills and prevent moisture from seeping in.

This is not your grandmother’s laminate flooring. It is extremely easy to care for: simply wipe clean with a damp mop, and you’ll never give stains a second thought. Audacity has a high density core that’s backed up by sealed, multiple layers. Additionally, the simple click system helps form the final barrier, keeping moisture out of your subfloor, while you effortlessly enjoy all the sensational sights above the surface.

Architectural Remnants

You love the look of reclaimed hardwood, but like many, your home isn’t exactly hospitable to hardwood. Not to worry: the charm of vintage, timeworn wood can still be yours. With Architectural Remnants by Armstrong, modern innovation has made it possible to create one of the most convincing laminates available today. Architectural Remnants is easily mistaken for actual reclaimed hardwood.

This flooring is more than simply a pretty face, however. It’s also extremely durable. Its premier 12mm thick structure offers up a solid body, superior sound absorption, and wear protection that’s even appropriate for the most bustling commercial environment. And, with Lock & Fold Technology, you won’t have to wait log at all to admire the finished project: this laminate floor is unique in that its planks lock together simply by folding into place. There’s no adhesive required – how’s that for simple?