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Carole Fabrics 

Carole Fabrics has been serving the interior design industry for over 50 years. They take pride in their reputation for quality, trendiness, and unmatched service. Carole Fabrics resides in Augusta, Ga. Their national complex houses a state-of-the-art workroom, distribution centers and customer assistance facilities.

Carole Fabrics introduces two new fabric assortments each year. These collections, selected from sources around the world, feature the latest styles and color trends. Many fabrics are exclusive to Carole Fabrics.  This effort on the part of our merchandising team ensures that Carole is always on the leading edge in both fashion and color.

Window Treatments

Window treatments do more for your home than add style. They can help control your energy costs and eliminate heat from leaking out or cold from leaking in. They also regulate light and can protect your flooring from harmful damage caused by UV rays.


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