Carpet Maintenance

Learn how to keep your carpet looking as good as new!

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet cleaning, although it often seems like a daunting task, isn’t much of a problem at all. In fact, with proper maintenance, you’ll definitely be able to keep your carpet looking new for a long time! How exactly do you maintain carpet?

Common Cleaning Activities

The most important activity that’ll help keep your carpet clean is vacuuming. In most settings, vacuuming once a week is sufficient, but in heavy traffic settings, vacuuming twice a week may be necessary. Vacuuming is so important because it removes over 80% of the loose soil from the surface of the carpet. Loose soil, if it remains on the surface, will eventually be worked into the carpet and cause staining. While there are many different vacuum types available, we recommend using a vacuum that has adjustable and rotating brushes.

Deep extraction is a longer-term activity that is recommended for homeowners with carpet. While vacuuming is a more routine activity, deep extraction is something that should be done every 12-18 months. Deep extraction, which can be completed by a professional cleaning service, removes dirt and other materials that have become embedded in carpet fibers.

Dealing with Carpet Stains

How should you deal with spot stains? As always, it’s best to consult any manufacturer recommendations so you do not void any warranties. Also, the manufacturer might have special treatments or activities that you can utilize. For everything else, you can definitely take a look at our

Check out our stain guide!

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