Carpet Installation

Let us help you install your new carpet

Carpet Installation

carpet installation Gainesville, FL

Let the experts at Carpet One Gainesville help you handle everything that has to do with carpet installation.  We have years and years of experience helping customers throughout Gainesville, FL and beyond, so be sure to stop by our store to get started!

With years of training and experience, our installers know exactly what they're doing, from removing old padding and carpet to installing new carpet.   For residential purposes, we recommend a method of carpet installation called the stretch-in method. This process involves the new carpet being placed on the padding first and then expanded using a power stretcher. By keeping the carpet tight and flat against the floor, the stretch-in method nearly eliminates the risk of carpet bunching or rolling in the future. Once properly stretched, we attach the edges of your new carpeting to tackless strips bordering the perimeter of the room.

Our installers suggest using the stretch-in method because it offers increased comfort underfoot while enhancing sound and thermal qualities in the room. Matching patterned carpets is also much easier with the stretch-in method of carpet installation.

After installation, you'll need to maintain your carpet to keep it looking as good as new.  Check out our carpet cleaning tips.