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Carpet continues to be the most popular flooring choice in both homes and businesses because of its versatility.  Unlike other flooring choices, carpet is available in a variety of styles, colors, and even textures, so it can fit into any setting.  However, with so many options available, buying (or even researching) a new carpet can be a daunting task.  Let us at Carpet One Gainesville help steer you along the way. 

For homes, cut pile carpet is the best option and therefore has the largest share of the market.  It consists of yarns that are cut equally at the ends to give the carpet a flat and cushioned surface.  Cut pile carpets are considered best for homes because of the many unique styles that are available.  These styles include velvet, Saxony, shag, cable, and frieze.  From texture to durability, each style has its own benefits.  Are you looking for a smooth and luxurious surface for a bedroom?  Choose velvet.  Do you have children and need extra durability without sacrificing style?  Choose frieze.  There is a suitable cut pile carpet for any design that you have in mind, so be sure to stop by our store to learn more.

What about your office?  Will carpet be able to stand up to the heavy foot traffic?  Loop carpet is best suited for offices and other commercial areas.  With loop carpet, yarns are not cut and instead are looped around at even heights (called level loop) or uneven heights (multi-loop).  What results is a carpet that is not as soft or cushioned as cut pile, but one that is much more durable.  Loop carpet is stronger and more soil resistant (so carpet cleaning is easier), which is why it’s best served for commercial uses.      

Stop by our Gainesville, FL showroom to learn even more about carpet’s versatility.  Our trained professionals have years of experience from design to install, and they will help you make the best choice, whether it’s cut pile, loop, or even cut/loop combination.

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