Commercial Flooring Options

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Quality Flooring Away from Home

We at Carpet One Gainesville are certainly your neighborhood residential flooring experts, as we’ve been installing quality floors in our customers’ homes for many years.  But, did you know that we specialize in commercial flooring as well?  From offices to stores to schools, we know exactly how to handle any commercial project.

As you can imagine, there are certain differences between residential and commercial flooring.  Commercial settings typically have heavier foot traffic, so durability is more important than style and comfort.  This is why loop carpets, which have a harder surface and a less plush feel, are more appropriate than cut pile carpets.  Commercial floors also need to be nonslip, so hard, textured surfaces are often necessary.

There are some floors that are not suitable for commercial use.  Most hardwoods, since they are unable to withstand moisture and significant foot traffic, are not recommended for commercial settings.  For a similar wood look, however, be sure to check out vinyl flooring.  Click here to learn more about vinyl.

Not only are certain floors more appropriate for commercial settings; certain installations are also more appropriate.  Glue down installations for carpet and vinyl are typically best given the heavy foot traffic.  These installations lead to stronger and more stable floors since the carpet or vinyl is directly glued to the subfloor with a permanent adhesive.

No matter your commercial flooring needs, you can rest easy knowing that the experts at Carpet One Gainesville have years and years of experience working on commercial projects.  We know exactly which floors work best in certain settings, so be sure to stop by our Gainesville, FL location to let us get you started!