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New and Improved Vinyl

Natural floors such as hardwood and stone are lauded for their looks, but they unfortunately are not suitable for every setting.  But, what if you could have these luxurious looks in every room in the house?  And, what if you could get them without paying luxury prices?  Vinyl flooring has become popular because it combines durability and affordability.  It brings together style, strength, and comfort, and it is perfect for any residential or even commercial setting.  Compared to older vinyl styles, vinyl flooring is definitely new and improved! 

Vinyl has the look and feel of hardwood, tile, and stone.  In fact, it’s actually not that difficult to confuse vinyl with real hardwood at first glance.  Vinyl is able to mimic these popular looks and textures because it includes only the newest digital designs and technologies.  Also, vinyl is extremely durable relative to natural flooring types.  Compared to hardwood, tile, and stone (and even laminate for that matter), vinyl is stronger, more resilient, and more stain and water resistant.  Vinyl is more durable because it is mostly made from plastic, which means that it will remain unaffected even under external pressures from moisture and humidity.  Plus, vinyl flooring feels more comfortable and is less noisy when walked on since it is softer underfoot. 

There are a few different types of vinyl that are available: tile, sheet, and luxury vinyl tile.  Tile, of course, looks like rectangular tiles, and sheet resembles wood planks.  Luxury vinyl tile, or LVT, is considered the most premium vinystyle.  LVT offers the best looks and durability, so it truly is the most advanced form of vinyl available today.  

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