Vinyl Flooring Installation

Choose the right vinyl flooring option for your next home project

Luxury Vinyl Installation

One of the main differentiators between vinyl flooring options is installation. More traditional vinyl options, including vinyl sheet, are installed using the glue-down method, whereas new vinyl options such as luxury vinyl can be installed using the floating method. How do these two types of vinyl flooring installation actually differ?

As the name implies, the glue-down method involves actually gluing the vinyl floor down to the subfloor using a special adhesive. The adhesive usually varies by brand and by style, but every adhesive is strong and long-lasting. Glue-down vinyl floors can only be installed on flat and even subfloors.

For the most part, vinyl floors installed with the glue-down method will be stable enough to handle foot traffic and other impacts.

Newer vinyl floors, including luxury vinyl floors, can be installed using the floating method. With this method, the vinyl tiles or planks click and lock together, so they seem to “float” over the subfloor without a special adhesive. Also, the subfloor does not need to be perfectly flat, since the floating method can make up for subfloor imperfections. As a result, the floating method is quicker and easier than the glue down method, so most skilled DIYers can handle it.

Floating vinyl floors are usually flexible, so they are more comfortable underfoot than glue-down vinyl floors. They also tend to be easier to maintain, especially since any planks or tiles that chip or crack can be quickly replaced.

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