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Window Treatments

Common Questions with Window Treatments

window treatments Gainesville, FLChoosing window treatments for your home seems like an insignificant task, but we at Carpet One Gainesville are here to tell you that’s not the case.  The right window treatment, since it can block light, maintain privacy, and even add color, can truly make or break your room’s design.  Our professionals in our Gainesville, FL store have years of experience helping customers choose the right window treatments, so we will surely be able to help you along the way.  Over the past few decades, we’ve heard pretty much every question, and we’ve been able to answer them all!

How can I block light?

One of the major functions of window treatments is the ability to diffuse or completely block light.  For these purposes, hard treatments are recommended.  Most hard treatments are not transparent, so they are able to completely block light from entering your room.  But, most do open and close, which gives you the opportunity to regulate light.  Shades, since they do not have slats, are best for completely blocking light, so they are particularly practical in bedrooms.  Blinds do not totally block light as well as shades, but they do have horizontal or vertical slats for regulating light.

How can I maintain privacy?

To maintain privacy, hard treatments are the best option.  They can essentially block the outside world from seeing inside your home, which is certainly useful in residential areas.  Also, hard treatments are able to absorb sound, so inside noises remain in and outside noises remain out.  Shutters are usually best for sound absorption since they are thick and made from wood or vinyl.    

Can I add window treatments to a room with a luxurious look?

Absolutely!  Soft treatments are perfect for those who do not want to sacrifice style and luxury.  Even though most aren’t as functional as hard treatments, soft treatments are certainly more decorative.  They are sewn together from 100% fabric, and they are available in a variety of colors and shades (not those shades!).  The most popular soft treatments are curtains and drapes.    

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